Music: Bright Hawk, Jeffrey Rodgers, John Orlando, Billy Woods

The Ancient Egyptian Cobra Oracle

Horus and Wadjet at Hatshepsut's mortuary temple
The town of Buto—also known as Per-Wadjet—in the Nile’s northern delta region, is just a ruin today. Once, however, it was one of the most important and oldest oracle shrines of ancient times. Buto was the home of the protector goddess Wadjet, the Cobra, who resides on the Pharoah’s brow in the Uraeus Crown, the symbol of an awakened one.

In her role as divine awakener, Wadjet is synonymous with the universal life force known as kundalini. She is an ancient, predynastic goddess known by many names and forms; in her primary image as cobra, she has often been venerated as the protector and guardian of Lower Egypt. She was also considered to be a fierce protector of children, and later of pharaohs.

Wadjet Card from The Anubis Oracle
In the Per-Wadjet journey, the goddess begins your training by awakening you to the universal life-force energy through a powerful initiation at her temple. Wadjet’s gift to you is a deck of oracle cards, which have been used throughout history for divination. The Tarot is a specific kind of oracle deck that you will encounter later in your journey. The Anubis Oracle, an oracle deck I created with Linda Star Wolf and Kris Waldherr is available online at or through your local bookseller.