Music: Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir

Tibet, the Nechung Oracle, Pehar Gyalpo, and the Dorje

Mount Kailash, abode of Shiva

When we were first working on this program, Gloria was surprised to receive a vision of the late Jerry Garcia—the lead guitarist and vocalist of the Grateful Dead—riding on the back of a white lion accompanied by a large, uniquely beautiful man whose hair seemed to be on fire. Unfamiliar with the Grateful Dead’s music or philosophy, Gloria asked me about Jerry’s connection to Tibet. I was unsure of this, but it was clear Jerry was making the introduction, and I was excited to explore the possibilities of a journey that came through such a magical vision with my old and dear friend, Jerry.

Pehar Gyalpo

After completing the journey, Gloria researched Tibetan oracles and came across a picture of Pehar Gyalpo, the Protector of Tibet, whom she recognized as the man riding the lion with Jerry in the vision. We were delighted to find out that he is also the source of the Nechung Oracle and an advisor to the Dalai Lama.

Tibet’s history of oracular knowledge goes back to the shamanistic and animistic Bön, the oldest spiritual tradition in Tibet. One of the tools used by the Bön is the dorje, a small handheld scepter, also called a vajra—which means “diamond thunderbolt.” It represents firmness of spirit and spiritual power. The use of the dorje is common to Bön, Buddhist, and Hindu systems and is shared with us by Pehar Gyalpo in this journey. Pehar seems to delight in his role in this program, and hopes you will enjoy your travels with him.

The Dorje

I have hosted the Gyuto Monks of Tibet several times in my home when they toured the Northwest giving concerts. We are privileged to have their music as part of this journey.