Music: Bright Hawk

The Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is a majestic Earth altar, carved out of the bedrock of the Giza Plateau. It has recently been determined that the Sphinx is considerably older than the Pyramids. Also called Abou ’El—the place of Spirit—the Sphinx is sometimes known as the Southern Oracle, as it was the southernmost location of oracular wisdom known to the ancients of the West. When I take groups to Egypt, the Sphinx is our first stop. We stand between the giant paws and connect to the great heart of the Sphinx. In his function as the guardian of the mysteries, the Sphinx is the oldest manmade oracle and thus the oldest representation of oracular teachings on the planet. The stone of the Sphinx is the great book of knowledge, the great library that contains all wisdom and the entire history of our planet from the time the Sphinx was built. My sense is that it was erected as a tribute to the source of our being—which is in the stars—and is the Earth altar portion of the larger temple of the cosmos that is the entire complex of Egyptian temples along the Nile. These temples combine to create a reminder of our connection to—and a vehicle for connecting with—the source of consciousness and intelligence in the stars.

In this program, while the sun rises, we embark on our odyssey at the Great Sphinx’s feet, where we request permission to enter this oracle path and ask for protection throughout our sojourn. The journey at the Sphinx helps us open the doors of our consciousness so that we may receive information directly from this ancient oracular source.