Becoming an Oracle Teleclass

Janice Bass wrote:

Kia Ora to you Nicki & Gloria from Aotearoa the land of everlasting light—

Thank you so much for the web cast 'Becoming an Oracle' that I shared with you & all the others gathered on the 1st July. I very much appreciated the feeling of being in wise circle, of gathering & coming together, energetically sharing all the threads being drawn form each person present on the call & braiding these together into one. The call was so easy to listen to and follow even though I have not studied many of the Egyptian Gods/ Goddesses you referred to I really felt I was on a journey exploring many ways of knowing as you & Gloria spoke. I have previously studied Jennifer Posados Oracle work who first introduced me to the Oracle of Delphi in Greece . Also to Sekhmet who I am very aware of especially in supporting my birth work as a midwife - I have never really fully understood why Sekhmet, Isis yes but I feel Sekhmet around me all the time and am very much drawn to discover more. Another tradition that I have a strong connection with is native American Indian medicine and also shamanism. I love the way that you are drawing upon so many traditions and encouraging us to walk each of these to feel where we are most aligned and can use our gifts to be in sacred service. The group reading really resonated with me at a deep soul level particularly the Sphinx and Ptah cards. I am so grateful for the new insights your reading brought to me - you truly opened another level in me that I have been sitting with since the call.

I was truly inspired to look more into this work and am very drawn to both the "Becoming an Oracle" course & Alchemical Healing so will be buying the Becoming an Oracle CD course and your book or DVD Alchemical Healing. I would so love to be able to attend the Alchemical retreat in Oregon 1st -9th August and the Becoming an Oracle Mystery school retreat 19th August. I feel if I am to be there somehow the way will manifest for me to join you. Do you know when you will be next offering this as intensive? In the meantime I love the idea of being able to travel on a soul journey to different lands from my home here in New Zealand and so am filled with gratitude to have heard about your work at this time on my journey.The website is wonderful and such a great resource.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing & for bringing it to so many at this amazing time in our journey on the Earth Mother

Until we meet in person I send you love & light from Aotearoa