Music: Jeffrey Rodgers, John Orlando, Billy Woods, Sandra Wong

The Roma and the Tarot

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, Rider-Waite Deck
Somewhere near the modern-day town of Trieste, Italy, we encounter the people known as the Roma, or Gypsies. Originally believed to have come from Egypt (hence the name “Gypsy”), these people are now believed to have originated in northwestern India. Skilled in many different types of divination and fortune telling, the Roma traveled in groups throughout Europe and the British Isles. Frequently persecuted, most notably by the Nazis, the Roma tend to be insular and clan oriented.

The music of the Roma has influenced flamenco, Portuguese fado, and other European folk music. The art of dance is also very important to the Roma.

In this journey you are introduced to the Tarot, a divination system utilizing illustrated cards dating back to the fifteenth century in northern Italy. The Tarot deck is composed of 78 cards, divided into the “Major Arcana” (cards covering the 21 principles on the journey of life) and the “Minor Arcana” (cards associated with one of the four suits of the deck). The images in the Tarot contain symbols encoded with mystical concepts and magical secrets that can be interpreted by a skilled Tarot reader to give information and guidance and to predict outcomes.