Music: Jeffrey Rodgers, John Orlando, Billy Woods

Ancient Palestine/Israel

The Kabbalah
Your quest now takes you beyond the borders of Egypt to modern-day Israel, where you will encounter the Kabbalah and the casting of lots. Your destination is Jaffa, a seacoast town that was one of the Egyptian empire’s furthermost outposts as far back as the Middle Kingdom (2025−1700 BCE). Egypt was remarkably tolerant of other beliefs, as long as they did not interfere with the payments of tribute to Egypt. Jewish tradition holds that from 1170 BCE onward, there were Jewish people in the Palestinian area.

In Jaffa you will encounter a new teacher, a rabbi, who will introduce you to the Kabbalah, an ancient source of knowledge and inspiration. Around 1000 BCE, there were probably more than a million people who studied the Kabbalah and who were conversant with its precepts. Still studied today, Kabbalah is more a way of life than an oracle, although it is frequently coupled with the Tarot as a divinatory tool. Your rabbi friend will also show you how to draw or cast lots, a method of divination used by the Hebrews to find thieves and to crown kings. King Saul, predecessor of David and Solomon, was chosen in this manner.