Music: Bright Hawk and Jeffrey Rodgers

The Covenant with Ma'at

Before you proceed further in becoming an oracle, it is important to look at the responsibility that comes with the power of true oracular vision. In this next journey you have an opportunity to make a covenant with Ma’at to speak only Truth when you speak as an oracle.

Ma’at is a winged goddess of Egypt, usually shown with a single feather upon her head. She is justice, balance, order, and light. She is Truth—cosmic truth, not relative truth. It is her ostrich feather that, at the time of death, is weighed against each person’s heart in the Great Hall of Justice. The purpose of enlightenment is to know thyself. Ma’at invites you to reflect and to see yourself fully and without judgment. Such is the beginning of unconditional love.

You will be asked to make a choice when you go on this journey: to become an oracle, which requires a deep commitment to Truth, or to choose to stand as a witness to the process. Your choice influences your experience as you continue in and through the program. If you choose the latter, you can still continue on your journey, and you may return at a later time and choose once again.