Music: Bright Hawk, Jeffrey Rodgers, John Orlando, Billy Woods

The Sacred Pipe of the Lakota

'Medicine Pipe' by Howard Terpning
Although not generally thought of as an oracular tool, the Chanunpa Wakan, the Sacred Pipe of the North American Plains Indians, has always been a way to pray, to talk to the Great Spirit, and to receive messages. When the bowl and stem of the pipe are connected, all is in harmony in the cosmos.

The story that has been included with this journey is a traditional Lakota legend about the origins of the sacred pipe and how it was brought to the people by White Buffalo Calf Woman many generations ago in order to help them get through the transition as their lands and traditions were taken away. Every Chanunpa consecrated in the Lakota tradition is directly connected to the original Sacred Calf Pipe.

I have been privileged to carry a sacred Chanunpa since 1974. It has been my greatest teacher and one of my greatest responsibilities. I have the utmost respect for the tradition from which it came.

In the journey of the Sacred Pipe in this program, you will participate in a ceremony that was conducted by ancient elders from the spirit world.

It is closely aligned with the ceremony I was taught when I received my Chanunpa—and that I have seen given by many elders and pipe carriers over the years. The path of Native American spirituality is marked by wholeness, balance, and a respect for Mother Earth and all her creatures.