Music: Bright Hawk

The Hawaiian Islands and Huna

The Hawaiian Islands have always been a place of power and renewal for me, and I have been called to return to them again and again since I spent a summer there in 1960. I was first introduced to the Hawaiian spiritual teachings known as huna in 1982. The essential principles I learned from my studies of huna eventually evolved into the comprehensive healing form published in Alchemical Healing.

The keepers of these ancient keys of the Hawaiian sacred teachings of knowledge and balance are known as kahunas. Practitioners of the various huna arts work with a number of different methods and specialized forms that increase awareness, aid in merging with a higher consciousness, engender healing, and—in the case of their more oracular arts—foretell the future. Cloud-gazing, observation of nature, stargazing, lomi lomi massage, Ho’oponopono (a forgiveness ritual), and other techniques are utilized for healing and exploring the unknown.

In this journey, you will find yourself in the midst of a joyful Hawaiian village where you will meet a kahuna who shares some basic oracular techniques and his sage words of wisdom.

Ancient Hawaiian Ceremonial Platform