Music: Bright Hawk

Return to Egypt: Horus of the Horizon

Horus of the Horizon is the holder of wisdom, represented by the rising sun. He is closely identified with a Sphinx and maintains the attributes of the divine—direct connection to source that defines an oracle. He also represents the new enlightened ruler, the fully realized divine human.

For our purposes in this journey, it is Horus’ sight—and the way he interprets what he sees—that are most important. Therefore to know the wisdom of Horus, you must become Horus.

In the journey of Horus of the Horizon, we have combined attributes of this traditional falcon-inspired deity with a mind-expanding exercise. Our objective here is to move the listener’s point of perspective into a greater realm of unbridled information. All journeys in this program share that same goal; however this one (as with the initial Sphinx journey) breaks from the various established traditions so that you, the listener, may explore the source directly.