Music: Jeffrey Rodgers

Epona and the Wild Magic of Europe

3rd Century Epona image from France
Epona, the horse goddess, is sometimes depicted as a white mare, sometimes as a woman astride a white mare. Originally a Celtic goddess, she was worshipped from Ireland to Bulgaria. She was even added to the Roman pantheon—the only Celtic deity to be honored with a temple in Rome. Near the town of Uffington, in southern England, is a magnificent Bronze Age figure of a white horse, cut into the ground of the green hills to expose the limestone soils below. More than 3,000 years old, her figure stands 374 feet long and 110 feet high.

On Epona’s journey we meet many faeries, pixies, and other magical beings. Possible remnants of the old religions that existed before Christianity, they still have the power to delight and fascinate.

Stone circles appear throughout the island of Britain. Stonehenge is probably the largest and most well-known. It may have been built as an astronomical calendar as early as 8000 BCE. Today, hundreds of people gather each year to celebrate the longest day of the year, and to witness the first rays of sunrise strike the Heel Stone, which is to the northeast of the monument.

In this powerful journey, Epona teaches us to work with the powers of the Earth, and to allow our innate oracular power to express itself naturally. She also guides us in an activation of Stonehenge.

The Uffington White Horse from Space