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Australia, Dreamtime, and Songlines

dreamtime images at Kakadu
The aborigines of Australia have what may be the oldest continuously maintained body of knowledge on Earth. Due to the continent’s 45,000-year isolation, there was little outside influence or opportunity for cultural dilution. That said, there are a vast number of tribes—or groups of people—on the Australian continent, and although they share some points of similarity, their belief systems vary considerably.

The information presented in this journey was first obtained from dreams and vision, and later researched by Gloria Taylor Brown, who visioned many of these journeys. Her vision spoke of the Songlines and the Dreamtime. “Dreamtime,” or “the Dreaming,” is a term used by the aboriginal people to describe the time when the gods walked the earth. It is an everywhere, every-when kind of time that can be accessed to bring back knowledge and provide guidance for today.

Songlines are descriptions of the travels undertaken by various gods of the Dreamtime, which have been retraced by the native peoples for millennia. Songlines can contain a number of different languages. Memorized and repeated, they provide a map for travel as they lead the traveler through different areas and describe physical features of the land.

Every culture throughout time has acknowledged the power of dreams and used them as oracular tools. Many major scientific discoveries have been attributed to information that has come in dreams. A skilled conscious dreamer can use dreams to direct waking life. In this journey you will dream with a band of aboriginal natives of Australia.

Kakadu, one of the places that we visit in our journey, is a park in northern Australia with the world’s largest collection of rock art, including handprints dating back as far as 40,000 years.

Kakadu Escarpment