Music: Francois Demange

Ayahuasca and the Amazon

Amazonian Shaman
Ayahuasca is a powerful plant medicine that is an oracular tool of the people of the Amazon River basin. Also known as caapi and yagé, this sacramental psychotropic beverage is carefully brewed by skilled individuals called ayahuasqueros. Ayahuasca is extracted from various species of tropical woody vines (or lianas), especially Banisteriopsis caapi, and usually mixed with other sacred plants of the region. The vine is sometimes referred to as the Vine of Death.

Amazonian natives drink the beverage in hopes of being shown visions of medicinal plants or animals they need to find for their hunt. They also take it before embarking on an important enterprise in the hope that their visions will foretell the future, or before other shamanic rites and vision quests. Many Amazonian tribes use ayahuasca as a strong, healing purgative and as an antidote for poison.

ayahuasca brewing
On this program’s ayahuasca journey, you will participate in a ceremony with an ayahuasquero from another time, in a village on an Amazonian tributary. During this rite of passage, you can begin to develop a relationship with one of the world’s most powerful divine plants and receive her healing and oracular gifts.

The chant in this journey was recorded in ceremony and is used with permission from the ayahuasquero Francois Demange.