Music: Jeffrey Rodgers & Bright Hawk

Cave of the Ancestors

The White Desert, Egypt
Just before leaving for my spring Shamanic Journeys tour to Egypt in 2006, I received a call from my intuitive friend Gloria Taylor Brown, with a message from Egyptian deities Thoth and Anubis: I needed to find a cave in Egypt and fully surrender myself to receive the rites and initiations that were to be published in my next book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt.

hand-prints in the cave
A friend in Egypt knew of a remote cave and agreed to take me to it. After a long off-road drive deep into the White Desert, we arrived at a natural limestone escarpment, on the side of which was a hand-hewn opening to a cave where a person could feel both protected and isolateda perfect place for a vision quest. It felt as though the cave had been used for spiritual journeying by the region’s ancient inhabitants. Handprints of these ancestors can be clearly seen on the back wall inside the cave. Tools found beside a nearby dry lakebed during the 1990s were discovered to be 6,500−7,000 years old, relics from a time when the desert was green and antelope and lions roamed the land.

It was months after my overnight quest when the ancestors from this prehistoric time reappeared in my life and offered to assist in the oracle work. I had returned to the cave via a shamanic vision. When I placed my hand above the print that compelled me the most, I felt a palpable fusion with the ancestors—as if the lines that connected me to my own ancestors across time were being renewed and strengthened. I received direct transmissions and healing from these ancestors, and I hope you feel a similar connection when you enter the cave in this visualization.

The Ancestor Cave

As you journey to discover the various oracles in this program, this guided visualization to the ancestor cave can help you repair and perhaps heal past connections with your ancestors, all of whom are accessible through this cave. Each of us has ancestors who embarked on similar journeys long ago, and we can access their knowledge to help us on the journeys that follow. We need their strength and wisdom to guide us through these turbulent times. We would not be here if not for their tenacity and capacity to survive. Set your intentions prior to embarking on this journey so that you may create new support and guidance for yourself as you travel toward becoming an oracle.