Becoming an Oracle is more than a workshop— it is a unique audio adventure, an around-the-world odyssey that takes the listener through a process that heightens the intuitive senses and awakens inherent oracular powers. Each of the nineteen journeys in this seven CD program is a guided visualization in which you, the listener, will encounter a different oracular tradition and begin to familiarize yourself with divination tools such as runes, tarot, palmistry and ayahuasca. The journeys begin in Egypt, move north through Europe and over the pole to North America, then continue through Central and South America and on to Hawaii, Australia, India, Tibet, Africa, and finally back to Egypt.

We will exploring two different oracular traditions, one each night. Perhaps we will travel to Delphi and learn how the ancient sybils received their information, or travel to the land of Roma to study Tarot or possibly Ayahuasca and the Amazon. Please visit and explore the Journeys and map.

What is an Oracle?

An oracle is someone willing to set aside perceptual limitations for periods of time in pursuit of wisdom and information. In the ancient world, oracles were seen as a source of prophetic counsel and spiritual authority. Oracular traditions are found throughout the world: in Greece, Egypt, India, Mesoamerica, Scandinavia, Tibet, Africa, and elsewhere. Often, the oracle—from the Latin orare, meaning “to speak”—was considered a conduit of information and prophecy emanating from divine or supernatural forces.

While it may be useful to think of the oracular voice as coming from “elsewhere,” we now understand that the power of oracular vision is inherent in each of us—part of the vast untapped potential waiting just beyond the borders of the rational mind. To access this potential, we must go beyond the usual sources of knowledge—the rational mind and our sensory inputs—and tap into the deep, intuitive wellspring that lies below.

In this program my co-creators and I have endeavored to help the listener accomplish the following:

  • To push deeper and deeper into “there”
  • To strengthen your ability to bring back information
  • To help you become more comfortable and confident in this process

This program is offered in the recognition that the evolution of humanity has reached a point where oracles no longer have to be extremely rare. Our oracular ability is intact and available, and because many of us are past the struggle for mere survival, we can afford to explore the higher reaches of our capabilities. From such a perspective, an oracle perceives a bigger picture, from a source that makes no judgment. In the same way that justice is blind, the true seer receives information without the filtration of prejudice, bias, or investment.

About the Becoming an Oracle Project

This project was originally conceived by Nicki Scully and her husband Mark Hallert for an Egyptian Mysteries retreat that Nicki and Normandi Ellis developed and first presented in 2005. With the brilliant visionary skills of Gloria Taylor Brown, the original concept morphed into the series of journeys that appear on this seven CD program produced by Sounds True. Gloria did most of the research for the back-up information on the various oracle traditions that appear in the booklet that comes with the program , and Roland Barker put it all together for this website. The music that supports the journeys, and the amazing musicians who contributed to this program, were brought to the Sounts True studio by Bright Hawk, with the exception of the Gyuto Monks and Francois Demange, who gave us the music for Tibet and the Amazonian journey with Ayahuasca. Please see our credits and attribution pages for details.

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